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Areas of Expertise Services List

  • All phases of plumbing
  • Residential & Commercial; new constructions & remodels
  • Boiler Systems, radiant heat & hydronic
  • Water Heaters
  • Water line repair & replacement
  • Drain line repair & replacement
  • Sump pump
  • Water pressure issues, pressure reducing valves.
  • Aqua Pex and Pex installations
  • Faucet repair & replacement
  • Waste & Vent, shut off valves
  • Laundry rooms
  • Gas piping
  • Fixtures; Kitchen & bathrooms; showers, toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, faucets
  • Galvanized pipe removal and repair
  • Inspections and plumbing permits

Julie Powell Says: "JK Plumbing is awesome! From the moment we contacted them, they were responsive, professional and friendly! We had a bathtub faucet that would not stop dripping and JK Plumbing was able to fix it for us quickly and efficiently! I sent a message to Kris and she was able to get us on the schedule very quickly. John arrived on time and was able to fix the problem immediately. Professional - high quality work - friendly! I highly recommend JK Plumbing!"


Jimmy Stickler; John was simply awesome and likely saved the lives of my wife and 3 year old daughter! Let me try to quickly explain my events and situation:

The foundation wall of my home caved in 8" and broke the main sewer vent line. That was repaired but we still felt sick. A few days later we took an afternoon nap only to wake up 45 minutes later completely dizzy and disoriented. I called the fire dept. and they detected no threatening gasses. Of course I had opened the windows to ventilate. I called John to test my sewer vent system for leaks and he came out right away. No leaks. He suggested that we check for any other possible causes for gasses to be entering our home before he left. Well, the firemen didn't see it but the exhaust flew from our water heater was completely disconnected! We could easily have never woken up again do to Carbon Monoxide poisoning...

John repaired the issue and we have our lives to be thankful for because of his thorough attention to detail and honest concern for our safety.

I owe Mr. Klosterman way more than the hugs he got when he left. Thank you sir!

Master Plumber John

John has been a plumber for over 22 years, he is experienced in all phases of plumbing, from fixing a drip, to helping you build a new home.  All plumbing is overseen by John. " We prioritize our customer satisfaction by offering the highest standards in the plumbing industry, with a  goal of being the best plumbing company in the eyes of our customers."

"Jamison Lippolis
Honest, on-time, and extremely professional. Had a valve-housing break in our shower and it was diagnosed and fixed in a day, with very clear information and guidance. Cost is totally fair and the quality and pace of work was impressive. We'll definitely be calling again, and using them for our new house!"
Amy LaBonte
"He was awesome. Came over earlier when he said he would be here, text and called to make sure it was ok. Great fair priced. Will use him again."
Ray Horsley
"wouldn't use anyone else! They always provide honest, reliable, fast and friendly service. Can't say enough good things!!! Anybody in the Denver Metro in need of a plumber give them a call!!!"

Voted the BEST Plumber in Jefferson County & Arvada Colorado

What do you enjoy about the work you do? "Applying my skills and knowledge to helping our customers with their plumbing issues; by making their life easier by providing quality service at great prices!" "I also provide free verbal estimates! Like us on Facebook or visit our webpage." Thank you, John